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Types Of High Heels

In the world of fashion, there are several types of high heels that you should know to choose the correct footwear for each special moment. Everyone has different tastes, some people prefer shoes a little lower than others, platform, with a wider heel, etc. So here we tell you the main options of heels that you have to choose when dressing:

1. Stiletto.

This type of high heels is one of the most classic and used by women around the world. Its characteristic is that the heel is stiletto, elongated and fine. That is why they are known as lounge shoes, they are elegant and stylize and beautify your legs. Without a doubt, it is a choice to succeed when you are looking to look sophisticated.

2. Peep toe.

Arrive in the 40s and from that moment on it has not stopped being a trend in lovers of heels. It is a shoe closed at the back and on the front, it has an opening that allows you to see the toes, these can be combined with jeans, skirts for day events, or with party dresses for night events.

3. Mary Jane.

This type of shoe also comes without a heel but it differs from all heels because they have a strap that holds the instep of the foot, these go well if you are looking for a retro look and you can find them in a wide variety of heels. Whether they are wide or thin or with a different type of tip, it all depends on your taste and choice so that you feel comfortable and safe.

4. Kitten Heels.

These are high-heeled shoes that are characterized by being thin and low. The heel measures approximately three to four centimeters. They are very beautiful, delicate, and feminine and are used and adapted to any look or occasion.

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