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7 Stylish Wide-Leg Pants For Your Daily Use

There was a time people were crazy about skinny jeans and pants that fit them like a glove. However, there has been a curve in the trends and more people are becoming interested in wide-leg pants. Looking for the perfect pair can also take some trial and error since everyone has different styles and interests.

1. Maeve Plaid Wide-Leg Pants

Another trend coming back is plaid patterns. The Maeve Plaid Wide-Leg Pants is stylish and comfortable, perfect for casual gatherings but also helps you give a statement. It is available in two color motifs; black and orange.

2. Maeve Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Pants

If you are looking for a simpler pattern, the Maeve Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Pants is the pair for you. A clean cut with the seams cropped so it won’t feel like the legs are dragging on the floor. Another plus would be it is available in plus and petite sizes which makes it perfect for every shape and size.

3. Daily Practice by Anthropologie Draped Wide-Leg Pants

The Daily Practice by Anthropologie Draped Wide-Leg Pants is comfortable and stylish all in one. It can be worn for casual gatherings as well as formal ones. The clean design gives off a sophisticated air to whoever is wearing them.

4. Farm Rio Striped Wide-Leg Pants

Perfect for the retro feels, the Farm Rio Striped Wide-Leg Pants will give you a funky style that is undeniably in right now. It gives off a fun and outgoing air to whoever is wearing it. The pop of colors also gives out a statement wherever would you go.

5. Paige Anessa Wide-Leg Jeans

You can never go wrong with jeans, that goes the same with the Paige Anessa Wide-Leg Jeans. Nothing feels more casual and stylish than jeans and pair it with a slight tear on the pants, it will be the perfect pair when going out with your friends.

6. Cropped Wide-Leg Pants from Velvet by Graham & Spencer

Velvet by Graham & Spencer’s Cropped Wide-Leg Pants would be convenient for women who are working at offices. The clean styling gives out a formal yet approachable feel. The pockets would be helpful to any working woman who needs pens and their phones at all times.

7. Breezy Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Having a tough time looking for the perfect top for your wide-leg pants? The Breezy Wide-Leg Jumpsuit might be the perfect one for you. As it is a one-piece jumpsuit, it will be easy to style yourself depending on your mood. The design also gives out a calm splash and is perfect for any casual outing.

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