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Watch Out For These 9 Amazing Colorful Sweater For Women

Fall and winter are the seasons of sweaters. It is always nice to feel the warmth and coziness of wearing a sweater, especially during the cold season. To brighten and liven up your cool days, listed below are nine colorful sweaters which will look and feel amazing for women from all walks of life.

1.Maeve Zebra Cashmere

This 100% cashmere sweater is in the vibrant color of citron with a lively graphic of a zebra. It would look perfect and polished with shorts and a button-down. With a comfortable pullover style, this luxe sweater is imported and made intricately with premier craftsmanship.

2.Striped Sweater

This cozy knitted sweater has a striped blue motif that features blue, pink, yellow, and beige stripes. Fall and winter days will never be dull again with this beautiful sweater. Made with 15% nylon, 27% polyester, and 58% viscose, this striped sweater can be easily worn due to its pullover style.

3.Flutter Sleeved Sweater Vest

This unique sweater vest is available in color gold, which perfectly complements its flutter sleeves. This will surely warm and liven up any fall or winter celebration. Made with 100% acrylic, this imported playful sweater has a textured finish and pullover style and is recommended for handwashing.

4.Color-blocked Eyelash Cardigan

One of the most comfortable and cozy sweaters on this list is this color-blocked eyelash cardigan featuring large stripes of yellow, white, lavender, and pink. It will take just one look and you’ll already feel dreamy in this cardigan. Made with 15% acrylic and 85% polyamide, this cardigan has an open front and patch pockets on the sides.

5.Pilcro Tiger Sweater

This classy beige sweater has an amazing orange stitching of a tiger, making it look like a work of art. Wearing this will give you that classy yet chic vibe. Made with 4% elastane, 6% polyamide, 15% cotton, 28% recycled polyester, and 47% polyester, this imported sweater has a comfortable pullover style.

6.Blossom Mock Neck Sweater

This sweater is the perfect ensemble of blue and red. This navy blue sweater is adorned with a beautiful graphic of red berries, green leaves, and brown twigs. Made with 18% polyamide, 26% acrylic, and 56% viscose, this cheerful sweater is bold, textured, feminine, and timeless.

7.Tasseled Turtleneck Poncho

Look magnificent with this poncho boasting asymmetrical tasseled trim rows and vibrant gray, orange, blue, and beige stripes. This will complete your morning or afternoon coffee by the porch. Made with 100% acrylic, this imported poncho has an easy-to-wear pullover style.

8.Rainbow Knit Cardigan

If you’re someone who loves colors, you will never go wrong with this bright and beautiful rainbow knit cardigan. Available in blue and pink motifs, this cardigan will not go unmissed. Made with 100% acrylic, this imported cardigan has an open front for easy wear.

9.Pilcro Cross-stitched Cardigan

Beautiful cross stitch patterns, different abstract shapes, and lively colors of pink, orange, beige, violet, and yellow. All of these can be found in this one amazing cardigan. Made with 1% polyamide, 2% viscose, 12% acrylic, and 85% cotton, this imported cardigan has a buttoned front.

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